Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your handyman estimates free?

A: Yes you may either call or use the “request a FREE Quote!” section of our website. We will need a brief description of the project(s), photos and possibly measurements in order to provide this free quote within 24 hours of the submission. Please keep in mind that we may have a minimum, but you can combine same-day projects to meet the minimum.

Q: What are the services you do?

A: On our website we have a full list of services of home repairs, commercial work, painting, handyman/general repair tasks and – if you don’t see it give us a call we can do it! Unfortunately electrical and plumbing projects require a licensed plumber or electrician which we do not have on our staff.

Q: Do I need to purchase the materials on my own?

A: You can, but it’s not necessary. Our carpenters carry a standard inventory for odd jobs, in their trucks and what they don’t carry they can pick up easily at local hardware stores or home improvement centers.

Q: Can I trust the handyman in my home or business?

A: Our employees are thoroughly screened before they are allowed to represent our company.